Dự Án #GiangSinhXanh #TreeforXmas: Món Quà Cây Xanh Dành Tặng Trái Đất

<tc>Project #GiangSinhXanh #TreeforXmas: A Green Gift to the Earth</tc>

Do you like Christmas trees? Do you enjoy buying gifts for friends and family? Do you enjoy taking long walks through the woods?

If you answered "yes" to any of the questions above, then this project is for you!

#GiangSinhXanh #TreeforXmas

This Christmas, Rung Rung will be launching a special campaign to add some green to your holiday season by offering the gift of giving.

#TreeforXmas - #GiangSinhXanh in Vietnamese - is a project that aims to plant trees in regions affected by deforestation. Planting trees in a region affected by deforestation can have numerous benefits, both environmental and social. Here are just a few key advantages:


🌲 Biodiversity Conservation:

Trees are essential for providing homes to many living organisms. Reforestation efforts play a crucial role in restoring ecosystems and preserving biodiversity.

🌲 Soil Conservation:

Tree roots prevent erosion and promote soil stability, particularly in areas susceptible to landslides and erosion.

🌲 Water Management:

Forests are important for regulating water cycles, maintaining groundwater levels, preventing floods, and providing a steady supply of water for ecosystems and humans.

🌲 Air Quality Improvement:

Trees filter pollutants and planting them in deforested areas can improve air quality and promote healthier living conditions.

🌲 Economic Opportunities:

Reforestation can benefit local economies by creating jobs and promoting sustainable forestry practices like agroforestry to provide communities with renewable resources.

In summary, planting trees in deforested regions has numerous benefits that go beyond just improving the environment. It has a positive impact on ecosystems, promotes biodiversity, addresses climate change, and offers social and economic advantages to local communities.


Cây xanh đóng vai trò thiết yếu trong việc cung cấp nơi ở cho nhiều sinh vật sống.


How does it work and how can you participate?

From 09/12/2023 to 31/12/2023, for every order over 890,000VNĐ, you will receive a link to plant your own tree in a selected region. All fees will be covered by Rung Rung and all you have to do is virtually plant it with a few simple clicks.

This campaign is made possible by Tree-Nation, the largest reforestation platform that enables citizens and companies to plant trees worldwide. For more information on Tree-Nation, their mission, and frequently asked questions, please click here.

You can log into your Tree-Nation account at any time to access your forest and track the progress of your trees.

And, as a bonus, you will receive a cute enamel badge in your parcel when you participate in the campaign as a symbol of honor. Pretty cool, right?


Why is this important to us?

In addition to our commitment to bringing Vietnam's sexual wellness industry into the mainstream, we are constantly striving to do better for the future.

Since the establishment of the company, Rung Rung has collaborated with local charities and NGOs to support causes such as providing sanitary products for underprivileged women, sponsoring free workshops on sex education for young people, and distributing meals to cancer patients. These efforts are essential components of both our business and our philosophy.


Rung Rung còn muốn đóng góp nhiều hơn cho một tương lai tốt đẹp


For Christmas 2023, we are delighted to partner with Tree-Nation on this unique interactive campaign, giving our customers the chance to get involved in the cause firsthand!

If you would like to learn more about our latest project for a cause, please follow us on social media or join our mailing list to stay updated.


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