<tc>Exchange/Return Policy</tc>

🔁 1-for-1 warranty policy for 1 year (applies from the date the customer receives the product)

All Rung Rung products are entitled to a 1-for-1 exchange policy for 1 year in case the product has technical/mechanical errors or is damaged due to transportation.

For support in exchanging products, we request that you contact the customer service department via Zalo chat or you can call Rung Rung Vietnam hotline directly with proof that the product you received is defective/damaged. /broken tank. There will be customer service staff to support and guide you on how to exchange goods.

The exchange process will be as follows:

After you contact customer service, the 1 for 1 exchange request will be verified by customer service staff. Rung Rung will send the new product that needs to be exchanged to your address immediately afterwards. The defective item will be picked up by GHTK shipper at your home within 1-2 days after the exchange order is confirmed.

You will not incur any fees in this case.

Note: The 1 for 1 exchange policy only applies within 365 days from the date you receive the product. After that time, Rung Rung will not be able to provide you with a product warranty.


💸 Return and refund policy (applies within 3 days of receiving the product)

You can request a 100% refund in case you change your mind and no longer want to buy the item.

Refundable products must absolutely not be used, must be intact and packaged as when delivered.

Removing the product from the box will void the right to recall.
Before continuing, we request that you send us photographic evidence proving the condition of the packaging and product via Zalo chat of Rung Rung Vietnam.

After you provide proof that the goods received are intact and sealed, a GHTK shipper will come to your home to pick up the goods within 1-2 days after the refund request is confirmed.

Vibration Rung will contact you as soon as we receive the goods and we will immediately refund the money to the STK you provided (or issue a new voucher if that is the method you prefer). Return shipping costs will be borne by the customer, and will be deducted from the customer's refund (ranging from 22k - 40k).

Note: Return and refund policy only applies within 3 days from the date you receive the product. After 3 days, Rung Rung will not be able to refund you.