Hướng Dẫn Duy Nhất Bạn Cần Về Cách Tìm Điểm G (Cam Kết!)

<tc>The Only Guide You'll Ever Need on How to Find The G-Spot (We Promise!)</tc>

What is the G-spot? Where is the G-spot located? Does the G-spot exist?

These are questions that have vexed and debated among sex researchers for decades. While some scientists say that not all women have a G-spot, others say that the G-spot actually exists and is located along the inner front wall of the vagina, about 2-3cm deep. .

In this blog post, Rung Rung will explore with you the magical touch points and tips to unlock this new land!


Điểm G là gì? Điểm G nằm ở đâu? Liệu điểm G có tồn tại hay không?


What is the G-spot?

To put it simply, the G-spot is an area located in the female vagina and is considered extremely sensitive, especially when sexually stimulated. However, not everyone has and experiences this magical touch point, so it is completely normal that you have not yet discovered it.


Where is the G-spot?

Accurately determining the G-spot requires a lot of time listening to the body because for each person, the G-spot changes and moves. According to textbooks, the G-spot will be located 2-3cm from the vaginal wall when lying on your back. Some magical touch points are located to the left, while others are located to the right, and still others are deeper, shallower, etc.

If you feel the urge to pee, you've probably hit the G-spot. This is completely normal because the G-spot can be located along the urethra, near the urethral sphincter and bladder.


Nói dễ hiểu thì điểm G là một khu vực nằm trong âm đạo phụ nữ và được cho là vô cùng nhạy cảm, đặc biệt khi được kích thích tình dục.

Some girls confuse touching the G-spot with the need to urinate.
If you feel the same way, don't hesitate to relax and keep going


Tips to find point G

Although the G-spot is a bit complicated because each person is different, that is its beauty and appeal. Rung Rung shows you an easier way to touch this magical place:

Finding alone

Rung Rung recommends that you take the time to listen to your body or even your sister. Discover the places that bring the strongest stimulation and share with your partner.


Steps to find your own magical touch point:

  1. Make sure the girl is moist and slippery (should use lubricating gel)
  2. Gently insert 1 or 2 fingers into the vagina. After inserting them within about two knuckles, curl the fingers toward the wall of the vagina.
  3. Take time to feel. Note: the small tissue about the size of a coin/bean hat seems harder and thicker than the surrounding area.
  4. Change the rhythm and speed until you reach excitement.

Note: Don't worry if you can't find your G-spot. A quality sex life doesn't just rely on that touch point, find yourself many other joys.


Điểm G ở đâu? Tại sao tôi không tìm thấy được điểm G? Không tìm thấy có sao không?


Let's touch together

It would be great if you had more help from your partner with oral sex: oral sex and penetrative sex to find the G-spot.

Using the mouth: Partner can use the tongue inside, pointing the tip of the tongue upward to touch the G-spot.


Easiest positions to touch:

  • Traditional position

This is a great position to stimulate the G-spot, especially if you add a pillow to support your buttocks to elevate your belly and create an angle to your penis. perfect for partner. Keep your legs closed (slightly) tightly to create friction and stimulate the vagina and G-spot at the right depth.

  • Doggy position

This is the position that is said to be the easiest to find the G-spot. Changing the height and angle of insertion such as lowering the back low or pushing the buttocks higher will bring complete stimulation to the G-spot.

Most women often feel the urge to pee when they have had enough doggy, this is a sign that you have reached this magical point. 

  • The Cowgirl

In this position, women will completely control the penetration angle, depth and rhythm to be able to adjust and stimulate their G-spot. self.


With the help of sex toys

Sex toys (no advertising) are an extremely effective assistant in the journey to find the magical touch point. There are sex toys like C-lit and G-spot specifically for this need of women with perfect curvature and strong stimulation points.


dùng sex toy như một trợ thủ để tìm thấy và kích thích điểm G 

Refer to 2-headed sucking vibrator


Love advice:

Although the G-spot is a sensitive touch point that can bring a lot of stimulation and orgasm to many people, but not all. There's nothing to worry about if you can't find the G-spot, or you've found it but don't like it very much.

Rung Vi hopes you can spend more time exploring your body and your G-spot.


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