Gợi Ý Các Địa Điểm Public Cho Cặp Đôi Táo Bạo

<tc>Favorite Top Picks: Public Places For Adventurous Couples To Get It On</tc>

Everybody knows that public sex is something you shouldn't do (and even banned, if you get caught, you can be fined and go to that ward) but the thrill and rush of adrenaline is really stimulating. If you guys have been in love for a long time, public sex can also be a new spice in love, especially for couples who are bored.

And the fact is that there is still a possibility that people can be caught while having public sex, so Rung Vib will be here to suggest everyone tips + places to hang out without worrying about the consequences of public sex okay!

public sex còn có thể là một gia vị mới trong tình yêu

Garden + Balcony + Rooftop

Introduction for newbies who are new to public subjects. This will be a spacious space and just enough privacy + not breaking the law (because this is my house) to start with. Ideally, it should be done at night, the female friend leaned close to the balcony wall to bj and our guy just acted out the breeze with the neighbors.


Public players always call the car's name: just public enough, discreet enough (remember to stick a one-way film on the car's glass) and just enough cozy space for easy handling.

Suggestion: Choose afternoon/evening, park in empty streets + nice view. Don't sit in the driver's seat (in case you hit the wrong car horn when blowing the meat trumpet), get out of the back seat to be comfortable and spacious.

public sex trong xe hơi, một không gian vừa mạo hiểm vừa đủ kín đáo và kích thích

Night beach

For "poor monkey" players: prioritize beaches with few tourists, avoid holidays, weekends, ask the fishermen/locals in advance what activities they have Not at night in the sea (because in some localities, people will go to scratch snails, catch fish, etc.)) The best scenario is: Night sea, spread out a large towel/raincoat, can bring food/drink like a picnic.

For economic players: Rent a resort, villa with a private beach and scoop it up

public sex ở bãi biển đêm


Forest/National Park

National park, not a park in the city, work in a park and then upload it online and say why is it bad luck :( From the main road to the forest, I can choose to turn to the few trails people go (remember to mark lest you get lost) Female friends wear skirts and high socks to avoid insects but still convenient enough to beat quickly.


  • Choosing a very large tree trunk and checking for ant/insect nests for female friends to rest their hands on the doggy is also a good idea.
  • Working in a camping tent: is another reason for you to go trekking, you are both healthy and physically fit, but also nervous because you are afraid that you will be discovered with the tour, just afraid that climbing is tired too much to do.

public sex ở rừng hoặc công viên quốc gia

Coffee bed

This is a new type of coffee that has appeared in recent years in big cities, it is commonly called coffee hut 4.0 :)) Coffee in bed allows me to both enjoy coffee and relax with each private box area with curtains, so this will be an extremely suitable place for public lovers.

Some Coffee in bed in HCM that I recommend is Chidori, D.O.M, Blue Lagoon, Binna,. Most have a curtain but will be slightly open at the bottom, which can be covered by a backpack for more privacy. Personally, I think Coffee in bed is extremely suitable for oral sex, but if you want to open up, you should choose the box on the ground, don't choose the upper floor because it will make that noise.

Note: Chidori has a cam in the box, you can just turn the cam facing the wall because you are uncomfortable with being tracked, but with the privacy policy for customers, they usually don't make it difficult where am I? Another point is that you remember to watch the time to use the box because the last 15 minutes the staff will come to remind you.

coffee in bed là một địa điểm tuyệt vời để public sex



Stairs are a thrilling place because this is a shared space, the rate of encounters is higher than other places, here are the criteria for choosing public stairs:

  • Apartment/building with an elevator: the salary of a person using the stairs will be less except for emergencies
  • Choose a time when few people travel
  • The area is obscured and there is no camera. Having a sensor light is better because if someone does, the light will turn on, giving you more time to fall off the scene
  • The most suitable outfit is still skirts for girls


Suitable place for quick and easy typing. Here are the selection criteria:

The chambers are long, there is little space between the chambers, or ideally they are completely separated (because you don't want to be the main character in the story)

If there is a camera outside the toilet corridor, you should wear a hooded jacket and a mask. You two should not go in/out at the same time, but 3-5p apart

Choose an area with few users, go around first. Usually the toilets often stick up the daily schedule of the cleaning ladies at what time, so read it to avoid it

public sex ở toilet công cộng

And always remember that Public Sex also needs to be safe (although the feeling of being caught is also stimulating) Remember to look ahead and protect your partner too. Good luck with your publicity.

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