Hướng Dẫn Dirty Talk Mượt Mà Không Sến: Dành Cho Người Việt

<tc>How To Dirty Talk Without Sounding Cheesy: Vietnamese Edition</tc>

Hello there readers of Rung Rung, today we dig into a new knowledge: Dirty Talk - The art of seduction, and folks who master Dirty Talking is the artist.

Before we start, Rung Rung would like to clarify one thing for you: It is possible for Vietnamese to Dirty Talk without sounding cheesy, like a rough translation from English. Combining Dirty Talk with tone of voice, expressions, and body language will make your partner go crazy for you.

Whether you are a pro or just a newbie, this blog is perfect for you. Take out a pen and paper and write down today's lesson! 



Prelude is the golden time to use Dirty Talk. Some additional sentences, leading in the right place will make the partner extremely hot and groan begging for the main course. But wait, the fun is just beginning ;)

The nine-syllable true scriptures for people in the industry, the saying is listed in the list of the most used monuments: “You made me so wet/ You made me so hot” A saying It seems simple, but it is to inform the partner that “Come, brother, what are you waiting for” “Eat me”

Extension for the above sentence is

“Where, where is your baby wet?” talking while touching the cat

“Darling is so bad, I have to punish”

“Shouldn't such a bad kid spank his ass”

“Do you want me?” while talking while looking for the boy and ready bj

“That's it, how about you touch this place” and then go away, find the crab to catch the snail



Human psychology everyone likes to be praised and loved (Especially applied to girls). Find your partner's strengths / weaknesses and don't hesitate to give them the most sincere compliments. Sometimes compliments don't just stop at making your partner sunny, but it also takes away your confident thoughts about yourself (so humane, isn't it)

“You are so sweet today, I just want to keep drinking”

“My skin is so smooth now, just like a baby”

“Baby smells so good, do you use perfume?”


For literary professionals:

“You are lying on the softest thing in life” used when you are pressing your face against her chest, then have a massage and then suck it =)))

Try to find something to compliment, don't lie too much. For example, if his size is a bit limited, you can't praise him for being big (that picture), please compliment other things like

“You did a great job”

“You hit the right spot”

“You make me up”


Main course

Getting bored with each other, the hydroelectric dam overflows, then let's come to the main dish of the day, starting with the inviting words

“You let me in, I can't stand it”

“I want you”

“Come inside me”

“You stab me”



Suggestion for boys is that this song can tease our girl a bit by  

“Do you really want me?”

“I haven't heard, please speak louder”

“Beg me to go”

“Tell me who you want inside?”


“Come in” “You're so delicious I can't wait” or a girl who likes to be dominated can use command sentences “Turn your butt Come here” “Put your legs apart” “Suck it”


Partner consultation form

Used to show respect to your partner when you constantly show kindness, listen to the other's feelings, thoughts, and wishes. Make your partner feel pampered like a princess, honored like a king. Keep asking questions to get to know your partner better, where do you like to be touched, how fast, etc.


“Can you come to my chest”

“Do you like me touching this place?”

“Is this what you want?”

“Do you like me sucking it?”

“How do you see mine?”


Speaking of feelings

If above you are learning about the other person, then at the same time listen to your own body. How do you feel? Where do you like to be touched? Speak out and lead your partner to do what you feel most comfortable and happy. Because inherently having sex is for both of you to have fun, right. I can't grit my teeth and endure for the other party to be happy and I'm still not satisfied.


“You're driving me crazy, baby”

“I like the feeling of being in you”

“Touch your part more”

“I like the feeling of you in me”


Expanding, when the other party has said "good", ask also

“Who is making you happy? Speak it out loud”

“My place is happy”



Going to the finish line

Finally, you have to get to the finish line, dirty talk will help signal to him that you are about to peak and have more energy to jump and get excited. And help her prepare to welcome warm love (in many different positions)


“Brother, I'm coming”

“I can't take it anymore”

“Wow, what a beauty! I'm so sad”

“Oh my gosh I re you re”


Dirty Talk with body language

For those who lost their title in battle and for those who want to learn advanced, combine the two. Body language to use is

  • Moaning: For female moaning volume just enough, don't whine like a villager, guys. You guys should moan too, it's so sexy. But be gentle and quiet, don't moan like the sisters
  • Breathing: Breathing is an art. Breathe hard, breathe hard, breathe into the nape of the neck, breathe into the ears, breathe while fondling,.


Bonus adds a few more collectible verses (have you seen Hurt You)

“Your tongue is so bad”

“I want to eat you”

“What do you want from me?”

“My baby is crying, let me calm her down”

“Why don't you say? I'm not gagging on yours”

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