Những điều bạn cần biết trước khi quyết định FWB (aka bạn với "lợi ích")

<tc>How Should You Prepare Yourself For A Friends With Benefit Relationship?</tc>

The term FWB has been widely popularized recently, along with ONS, FWB is always accompanied by social controversies. FWB puts it easier to understand is a "friendship" relationship in which both enjoy the same privileges as when they love each other (plus flirting, smug) but still without any romantic or orange obligations. which end.

Before entering this relationship, Vibrate recommends that you set ground rules and be prepared to face potential emotional swings that may arise. Okay, ready, order a glass of Dry Martini and get ready to shake Vibr to have a deeper look at FWB.


Define the Relationship

Defining the relationship is an important first step when starting an FWB relationship. Although Vibration says above that this is a non-committal and binding relationship, being clear about it can help prevent potential fantasies in the future.


xác định mối quan hệ FWB

Sit down with your partner and have a conversation about what each person wants from the relationship.

  • Are you both looking for physical pleasure or want to connect emotionally on some level?
  • Are you both free to explore other relationships while still enjoying this FWB relationship?

Clear the above in advance to avoid feelings of jealousy or negative emotions if one involves an outsider.

Check in often to make sure that the needs of both of you are being met and that neither is developing unnecessary emotions or having unrealistic expectations.

Remember, defining relationships is not about controlling emotions or creating strict rules; it involves establishing a common understanding so that both parties can enjoy time together without any confusion or hassle in this relationship. So take the time to define what "Friend with Bun bo" means to you, making sure your partner knows where the limits are from the start.


Set the rules

Setting clear rules is very important in an FWB relationship. Without them, things can quickly get messy and confusing. So take the time to establish some ground rules, like “Always use protection every time you have sex”

sử dụng các biện pháp quan hệ để tránh các bệnh lây nhiễm qua đường tình dục

Communication, communication, communication (What is important reminds 3 times). Sit down with your partner and have an honest conversation about what each person expects from the relationship. Do you both agree on the boundaries set? Do you both want the same level of emotional engagement? How often do you plan to meet? Will the two be able to "get involved" with other people?

Moreover, make sure that both parties are comfortable with any changes that may occur in the future. This includes preparing for the event that one person develops feelings for the other or decides they do not want to continue the relationship.

Remember that these rules are designed to protect both of you emotionally. By establishing clear boundaries from the start, you can easily navigate through this relationship without getting hurt along the way.



As Vibration said above, communication is an indispensable thing. Since this relationship inherently lacks the emotional bonds and bonds found in traditional relationships, clear communication will become even more important.

Both parties should define their expectations and desires from the start. This conversation may not be very comfortable, but it will prevent future misunderstandings. Honesty is important - show your boundaries, what you're comfortable with, and what you hope to get out of this MQH.

nói chuyện và đặt ra các quy tắc trong một mối quan hệ Friends with benefits


As the relationship progresses, ongoing communication is essential to ensure that both of you stay on the same page of affection. Talk to each other about any changes or concerns instead of repressing your feelings.

Moreover, feelings will definitely appear after a period of time, so communication is extremely necessary. It's completely normal for one person to develop stronger feelings than the other; Acknowledging this fact honestly can help avoid painful feelings or misunderstandings later.

Communication serves as a foundation for maintaining a healthy FWB  relationship. By defining expectations from the start and having regular emotional discussions along the way, both of you can successfully navigate this unique relationship, while ensuring each other's satisfaction.

trong một mối quan hệ không ràng buộc tình cảm như FWB, nhất quyết không nên có tình cảm với đối phương để tránh các xung đột tình cảm về sau

Don't be emotionally attached

No affection! There must be no affection! No love!

Continually remind yourself that this relationship is all about “making love”. Pay attention to your feelings and pay attention to what you're really looking for. If you find you're emotionally developing strongly, it might be time to reconsider whether an FWB relationship is really right for you.

It's also important to set boundaries from scratch and stick to them. Remember that you have no right to be "jealous" in this MQH, so don't expect your partner to put you first before anyone else. Keep your mood steady and avoid becoming excessive or jealous.

Remember, the purpose of a "friends of interests" relationship is to enjoy together the privileges of being in love without emotional ties. By staying aware of your emotions, setting clear boundaries, communicating, and avoiding over-investing emotionally, you'll be better prepared for FWB.

sẵn sàng cho sự kết thúc của mối quan hệ FWB

Ready for the end

Like all relationships in this life, FWB will also come to an end. FWB is even more special because it is only temporary, non-binding, completely changeable over time. Remind yourself of this fact from the start so as not to invest and expect too much emotionally.

Let's talk about what happens if one person starts to develop feelings or if either of you want to pursue a more committed relationship elsewhere.



Moreover, take good care of your mental health during the duration of your "friend with bun bo" relationship. This includes being aware of your boundaries and needs and communicating them effectively. If you are starting to feel uncomfortable or are starting to want something more than just a sloppy sexual attachment, it may be time to reconsider whether continuing in this type of arrangement is still right for you. Are not.

Remember that nothing lasts forever, some come, some go and some stay. Accepting this fact first will help to soften any shocks that may come when the time actually comes to end the "MQH" relationship. Be ready for different emotions - relief, sadness or even disappointment - when it comes to saying goodbye.

In a nutshell, being ready for when the "MQH" relationship ends includes being aware of its transience from the start, sharing expectations and boundaries, caring for the spirit. your life all the time, and accept that all good things must come to an end eventually.



Preparing for an FWB relationship includes defining the relationship, establishing clear rules, maintaining communication, avoiding emotional attachment, and getting ready for the moment when it's certain will end. It is important to remember that entering into this type of arrangement requires honesty, trust, and understanding.

FWB can be a fulfilling experience for some people who don't want to be tied down in a relationship, but that doesn't mean it will be right for everyone. If you find that your emotions are starting to get in the way or you're starting to want something more than sex, it may be time to consider if FWB is right for you.

Remember to always prioritize your health and well-being during FWB. Be kind to yourself and listen to your feelings. And always remember that there aren't any commitments to this relationship - they can either spontaneously continue or abruptly end.

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