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<tc>Sex During Pregnancy and Things You NEED to Know</tc>

Welcome to Rung Rung's A-Z guide to maintaining sex during pregnancy. Pregnancy is a wonderful and transformative process in every woman's life. During this special time, we cannot help but have questions and concerns about whether sexual activities will affect the fetus. Let's answer your questions with Rung Rung!


Chào mừng bạn đến với hướng dẫn từ A-Z của Rung Rung về việc duy trì quan hệ tình dục trong thời kỳ mang thai. Mang thai là một quá trình tuyệt vời và biến đổi lớn trong cuộc đời mỗi người phụ nữ. Trong khoảng thời gian đặc biệt này, ta không khỏi có những thắc mắc và quan tâm liệu những hoạt động tình dục có gây ảnh hưởng thai nhi không. Hãy cùng Rung Rung giải đáp thắc mắc nhé!


Understanding yourself and the changes that affect sexual activity during pregnancy

Pregnancy brings a series of major changes in the body. One of the first changes is an increase in blood flow to the pelvic area. Makes sexual intercourse even more stimulating.

As your pregnancy progresses, you may experience changes in your breasts where they may become larger, more sensitive, or even secrete colostrum - a precursor to breast milk. These changes are completely normal but can affect how you feel during sex. 

Hormones also play an important role in pregnancy. Increased levels of estrogen and progesterone can enhance sexual desire in some pregnant women while decreasing it in others. Remember that every woman's experience is unique - there is no "right" or "wrong." 

Furthermore, the growing belly requires finding the most comfortable positions for sexual activity. Don't be afraid to use new positions or support pillows!


Common misunderstandings about sexual intercourse during pregnancy 🤰🏻

There are many rumors and speculations surrounding sexual intercourse during pregnancy. Let's answer your questions with Rung Rung!


Myth 1: Having sex during pregnancy can affect the fetus

This is what people consider and care about the most. But relax, the baby is basically always carefully protected by amniotic fluid and a solid amniotic membrane in the mother's cervix. The penis cannot reach the fetus.


Myth 2: Pregnant women don't enjoy sex

While hormonal changes can make some pregnant women feel disgusted and avoid sex, the rest feel more stimulated. Especially when blood flow in the pelvic area increases, pleasure will be more intense.


Rumor 3: Does orgasm affect the fetus?

Some people believe that orgasm can trigger uterine contractions or cause premature labor. Although uterine contractions can occur during orgasm due to muscle contractions in the pelvic area, they are usually quite gentle and harmless. 


Myth 4: Sex leads to miscarriage

Unless your doctor advises you about specific problems such as a weak uterus, regular sex will not increase your risk of miscarriage.

 Quan hệ tình dục sảy thai? Quan hệ tình dục sinh non, phụ sản không thích quan hệ tình dục

Effects of sexual intercourse through each pregnancy

Pregnancy affects sexual activity at each stage of pregnancy in different ways:


1. Early pregnancy (1-12 weeks):

- Some pregnant women may feel tired, nauseous, or uncomfortable due to hormonal changes, which can affect sexual desire.

- Some couples may be concerned about the risk of miscarriage, even though sexual intercourse usually does not increase this risk.


2. Mid-term pregnancy (13-26 weeks):

Increased sexual desire: Many pregnant women will feel increased sexual desire due to hormone stability and fewer nausea symptoms. At the same time, with a belly that is not too big, pregnant women can feel more comfortable with sexual activity and can experiment with different positions.


3. Late stage of pregnancy (27-40 weeks):

A large belly can reduce comfort and limit sexual positions, and feelings of fatigue and discomfort due to the weight and pressure of the fetus can affect sexual desire.

Concerns about premature birth may arise, but sexual intercourse is not the cause.

 Bụng lớn có thể làm giảm sự thoải mái và hạn chế về tư thế tình dục đồng thời cảm giác mệt mỏi và khó chịu do trọng lượng và áp lực của thai nhi có thể ảnh hưởng đến ham muốn tình dục.


Useful tips for safe sex during pregnancy

  1. Communication: Discuss your desires honestly and openly with each other and set boundaries
  1. Try different positions: A woman's body is constantly changing during pregnancy, and some positions can become uncomfortable and unsafe as the belly grows. Try the most suitable positions like spooning and cowgirl.
  1. Use lubricating gel: Increased blood volume in the pelvic area can reduce natural lubrication during pregnancy. Using water-based lubricants can enhance comfort and pleasure during sex.
  1. Take it easy: Hormones during pregnancy can affect your level of excitement, so give yourself time to start feeling aroused before deciding to have sex
  1. Use a pillow or cushion for support: Use an additional pillow or cushion to provide support and reduce pressure on sensitive areas such as the lower back or abdomen during intercourse.
  1. Pay attention to warning signs: If you experience pain, discomfort, bleeding, or fluid leakage during or after sex, consult your doctor immediately

 Thử các tư thế khác nhau: Cơ thể phụ nữ luôn thay đổi không ngừng khi mang thai, một số tư thế có thể trở nên không thoải mái và không an toàn khi bụng lớn dần. Hãy thử các tư thế phù hợp nhất như úp thìa và cowgirl nhé.


Signs to pay attention to during sexual intercourse

1. Pain: If you feel pain or discomfort during or after sex, especially severe pain, this may be a sign of a problem that requires medical attention.

2. Vaginal bleeding: A small amount of bleeding after sex may not be a big problem, but if you notice heavy vaginal bleeding, you should contact your doctor immediately

3. Vaginal leakage: Leakage of fluid or water from the vagina may be a sign of amniotic leakage, an urgent medical problem.

4. Uterine contractions: Some mild contractions after sex may be normal, but if you experience persistent or painful contractions, it could be a sign that needs attention.

5. Lower back or lower abdominal pain: Lower back or lower abdominal pain after sex can also be a warning sign.

6. Change in fetal condition: If you feel a change in your baby's movements or activity, discuss it immediately with your doctor.

7. Fatigue or difficulty breathing: Sudden fatigue or difficulty breathing after sex also needs attention.

If you experience any of the above warning signs or have any concerns about your or your baby's health, contact your doctor immediately. The safety and health of you and your baby is always the top priority.


The benefits of having sex during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time of great physical and emotional changes for women. You may not know, but intimacy during pregnancy can bring both physical and emotional benefits.


Engaging in sexual activity increases blood flow to the pelvic area, promoting the health of vaginal tissues and reducing the risk of infection. It can also alleviate common discomforts like back pain or swelling by releasing endorphins, a natural pain-relieving hormone.


Maintaining closeness with your partner during pregnancy helps strengthen the relationship. Sharing this experience together creates bonding and support, which helps reduce anxiety and stress. Furthermore, sex helps release oxytocin, also known as the "love hormone," which promotes feelings of happiness and connection.


Mang thai là thời điểm có nhiều thay đổi lớn về thể chất và tình cảm đối với phụ nữ. Có thể bạn chưa biết, việc gần gũi trong thời kỳ mang thai có thể mang lại lợi ích cả về mặt thể chất và tình cảm. 



Closing the topic of sex during pregnancy, remember that each pregnancy journey is unique and full of changes. During this special time, maintaining intimacy and sex isn't just about the physical, it's also about creating a deep and mutually supportive connection between you and your partner. Sex, if done safely and comfortably, can bring joy and pleasure and is an important part of a relationship.

Listen and respect your body. Whether you choose to have sex or not, finding comfort for both you and your baby is the most important.

Finally, remember that every moment of pregnancy is part of the magical journey of welcoming a new life into this world. Having sex during pregnancy, with understanding and love, can be a valuable part of that journey, contributing to the bond and love you and your partner have for each other during this special time. This.

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