Những Cách Chơi Sex Toy Có Thể Bạn Chưa Biết (Và Nên Biết!)

<tc>Creative Ways To Have Fun With Sex Toys You May Not Know (And Should Know!)</tc>

Everyone knows the main use of sex toys: to help you reach the top of your climax mountain!

There are thousands of sex toys out there with all kinds of colors, uses, for each individual person and each individual preference. Let's join Rung Rung aka the most reputable sex toy supplier in Vietnam to suggest to you many other uses of sex toys that you may have never heard of!

Let's get started!

Hãy cùng Rung Rung aka Nhà cung cấp sex toys uy tín nhất Việt Nam gợi ý cho bạn thêm nhiều cách sử dụng khác của sex toy mà có thể bạn chưa từng nghe qua nhé!


#1. We both treat ourselves

It's really strange to hear, since you are already are couples, why the need to each "mind their own business"? Why not masturbator together?


Actually, masturbating together will bring many benefits (plus an extremely hot and stimulating feeling):

  • When watching your partner do it themselves, you can pay attention to the places they often touch, especially the way they use sex toys to stimulate the parts they find most stimulating, during How long, what speed?

=> By observing this, you will know clearly about your partner's most sensitive points. Know where they like to be touched and where they should limit touching.

  • In addition, the method of "let's handle it together" is extremely suitable, if not the savior, for couples in long-distance relationships. This is sexting or more accurately cybersex.

Khi nhìn partner tự làm, bạn có thể để ý đến những vị trí mà họ thường xuyên chạm vào, đặc biệt là cách mà họ sử dụng sex toy để khuấy động những phần họ thấy kích thích nhất, trong bao lâu, tốc độ ra sao?


#2. Long lasting love

For men who are having difficulty controlling orgasm because their penises are too sensitive, a sex toy is definitely a great assistant to help you in this matter.


Use toys such as masturbation cups, penis rings, etc. will help you get used to the rhythm and how to control high-intensity stimulation when having sex.


#3. Foreplay (an extra hot one!)

Everyone thinks that sex toys are for use when alone or just for solo purposes, but in fact sex toys are also a great assistant for foreplay (even ending) with countless people. Many different creative uses.

  • Use a penis ring to get an erection that lasts longer but is more intense than when having sex
  • Use a rabbit toy/a pussy pump to stimulate the vagina during foreplay without spending too much effort. Leaving your hands and mouth free to do other things is also not a bad idea

Ai cũng nghĩ rằng sex toy để sử dụng khi chỉ có một mình hoặc chỉ để solo, nhưng thật chất sex toy còn là một trợ thủ đắc lực cho màn dạo đầu (thậm chí là hạ màn) với vô vàn cách dùng sáng tạo khác nhau.


#4. Netflix and chill

Both women and men will feel stimulated by what they see. To take advantage of this, you can enjoy a movie together and use sex toys to warm up the atmosphere for both of you.

Suggested movies to watch together:

  • Sex life
  • Look but don't touch


#5. Savior for long distance couples

Thanks to the development of technology, now the way to climax between you and your long-distance partner is only a few taps on the phone: Remote-controlled sex toys.

Anytime, anywhere, both of you will bring each other stimulation like you're close

Nhờ vào sự phát triển của công nghệ, giờ đây đường lên đỉnk của bạn và partner yêu xa chỉ cách nhau bằng một vài cú chạm trên điện thoại: Sex toy điều khiển từ xa.


#6. Powerful assistant during sex

People often default to using sex toys to replace partners or only for long-distance couples, but sex toys can also be a powerful arm to support 7749 sexual positions, Let Rung Vinh give you suggestions!

  1. Cowboy position, the girl sits on top while using a toy to stimulate her pussy
  2. Two-headed vibrating toy for Lesbians
  3. Stage 69, boys and girls use toys to stimulate each other 

Don't limit yourself to the possibilities of a good sex toy, it can bring more pleasure than you think.

Furthermore, integrating sex toys into your sex life can also facilitate better communication with your partner. By discussing your expectations regarding using sex toys together, you will better understand your partner's needs and desires.

In addition to the physiological benefits, sex toys can also improve mental health by reducing stress levels and increasing confidence. Sex toys allow you to explore your body without fear of being judged, leading to positive improvements in your own body.
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