Yêu Nhau Bao Lâu Thì Quan Hệ Được?

<tc>When (and How) To Initiate Sex In A Relationship?</tc>

If love is like a dish, sexual intercourse is an indispensable spice. When to add spices and how much to add are also key factors to help create a delicious dish. But how long is it right? How long should we know each other before having sex? There are still questions that have no satisfactory answers.

 Câu trả lời cho câu hỏi “Quen nhau bao lâu thì quan hệ được?” thật ra không có đáp án chính xác nào cả. Không ai đặt và quy định cụ thể mốc thời gian sau bao lâu thì quan hệ hết vì mỗi chúng ta là mỗi cá thể có những quan điểm sống khác nhau. Có những người quan hệ luôn trong lần first date, nhưng lại có cặp yêu vài tháng mới làm, cũng có cặp chỉ quan hệ sau khi cưới. Tình dục không phải và cũng không nên là yếu tố duy nhất trong tình yêu, nó chỉ là một trong số những nhân tố xây dựng tình yêu bền vững.


How long after being in love can you have sex?

The answer to the question "How long after knowing each other can we have sex?" Actually there is no correct answer at all. No one has set a specific time limit for how long it will take to end sex because each of us is an individual with different perspectives on life. There are people who have sex on the first date, but there are couples who only have sex after a few months, and there are also couples who only have sex after marriage. Sex is not and should not be the only factor in love, it is just one of the factors that build lasting love.

Before deciding who to have sex with, Rung Rung would like to suggest some questions for you to consider and measure for yourself to suit your personal views and lifestyle.

Are you really ready for sex?

Before deciding to have sex with anyone, ask yourself carefully whether this is what you want? Or because the other person wants it and you are just pleasing them.

Some people make this mistake (mostly women) when they're not really ready but their lover keeps begging and pleading. And in the end, you "nod it off". Follow their wishes to make them happy. This is very undesirable because sexual intercourse should come from your decision, you must be ready and able to bear all responsibilities that come from your actions. It's not because "He asked for too much so I gave it to him".


Trước khi quyết định QHTD với bất cứ ai, hãy tự hỏi kỹ bản thân rằng liệu đây có phải là điều bạn muốn? Hay do đối phương muốn và bạn thì chỉ đang chiều lòng họ.


Do you know the other person well?

A seemingly meaningless question because no one loves each other without knowing about each other, but Rung Rung needs you to sit back and think for a moment.

  • Do you know your lover's name, age, and job?
  • Do you know your partner's home address, friends, or relatives?

In today's era, it is not uncommon for some of you to walk into a relationship with no/or very little information about your lover. Cases of discovering that your lover is married and has children, and then you are the reluctant third person are all over social networks. Or some people borrow "lowkey" to hide all information about themselves, fall in love with only the two of them knowing, and then calmly bet on each other.


Are you prepared with enough knowledge?

Like all other aspects of life, sex also requires a lot of investment in knowledge and experience.

  • Knowledge about the body and reproductive health: Includes knowledge about the structure and function of genital organs, menstrual cycle, and sexually transmitted diseases sexual intercourse (STDs), how to prevent and treat STDs, how to prevent pregnancy,.
  • Sexual knowledge: What is ejaculation, common sexual positions, how to have Oral Sex, How to wear a condom properly, What is emergency contraception? How is it different from daily birth control pills? Does external ejaculation cause pregnancy?

Equipping knowledge about safe and responsible sex is extremely important, helping to protect the health and happiness of yourself and your partner.


Việc trang bị kiến thức về quan hệ tình dục an toàn và có trách nhiệm là vô cùng quan trọng, giúp bảo vệ sức khỏe và hạnh phúc của bản thân và cả partner.

Have you two sat down and talked about this issue clearly?

It's easier for us to make love than to sit down together to discuss sex.

  • Have both of you ever had unsafe sex in the past? Do you want to go for a general checkup together to feel more secure about your partner?
  • What are your and your partner's current sexual desires? Are they both ready or does one want the other?
  • What is your desired frequency of having sex?
  • Do you have any hidden sexual fantasies/fetishes that you haven't dared to share yet?

Communication is always the most important key in every relationship, especially when we want to share about sex.


Can you take responsibility?

In a bad case, typically an unwanted pregnancy, do you have enough finances and psychology to handle the problem? Are you strong enough to face unexpected events?



Do you have your own answer yet?

There is no exact answer to the question "How long can you have sex after being in love?" the answer must be based on your own perspective on life.

Communication is always the most important key in expressing wishes, desires as well as setting necessary limits.




Whatever you do requires knowledge, sex is no exception. Basic knowledge about the body and reproduction and safe sex is an indispensable minimum!

If you've answered all the questions and the time is right then...come on!


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