Nghệ Thuật Oral Sex: Tổng Hợp Bí Kíp Ăn Sò Đỉnh Nhất

<tc>The Art of Oral Sex: Top Tips for Oh-mazing Cunnilingus</tc>



Before getting into the main part about "eating clam" tricks, let's explore and supplement our knowledge together, as well as equip ourselves with a more correct view of the vagina. okay!

  1. What does a vagina taste like?

Most advertisements/movies/comics have given us the wrong idea about the vagina. Quickly scrolling through a series of gynecological care products, we can easily see cleaning solutions, wet wipes, perfumes, etc. with fragrances such as "spring garden", "morning", "grass flowers".

But the reality is that a healthy vagina doesn't have to smell like that. The correct answer is that THE VAGINA SMELLS LIKE A Vagina, not the smell of flowers, peaches or the taste of any fruit. Common vaginal tastes are: Salty, sour, fishy, ​​metallic. Below is a survey of guys' vaginal taste:


“Sour, like yogurt. She must have eaten a lot of Greek yogurt”

“I feel a bit excited, but I really like it”

“My lover must be a mermaid, because her vagina is as salty as the ocean”

“Sweet and sour. Like the Sex on the Beach cocktail”

“Metallic taste. Don't ask me why I know what metal smells like. That's all I know..."


Nhưng thực tế là một âm đạo khoẻ mạnh không cần phải có mùi như thế. Câu trả lời đúng là ÂM ĐẠO CÓ MÙI NHƯ ÂM ĐẠO, không phải mùi hoa, mùi đào hay vị của bất kì loại trái cây nào. Các mùi vị thông thường của âm đạo là: Mặn, chua, tanh, kim loại... Dưới đây là khảo sát mùi vị âm đạo của các anh em:


However, if your girl's vagina has an unpleasant fishy taste or yellow or green discharge, there is a high possibility that she has bacterial vaginosis. Please take her to the doctor immediately!

The taste of the vagina is determined by the pH level (3.5 - 4.5) and Lactobacillus bacteria, greatly influenced by diet and natural acid levels in the vagina.

The deeper you put your tongue inside, the clearer the taste of the vagina will be. Therefore personal hygiene is extremely important. Vinh Vinh suggests that women can clean the vaginal rim, absolutely do not douche deep inside, you can use cleaning solution or not (Because some cleaning solutions have a very fake smell, overwhelming the smell). natural attractiveness of the vagina)

As mentioned above, the taste of the vagina will change depending on diet, activity and lifestyle. If you want to "slurp" there is:

  • Slightly sour taste: Take her out to drink coffee, cocktails and smoke cigarettes
  • Bold taste: Take her out to eat spicy food
  • Pleasant taste: Eat cinnamon powder
  • Sweet: Give her yogurt and pineapple
  • Metallic taste: Waiting for her to have just finished her period
  • Salty taste: Take her out to play sports to make her sweat


  1. What is the structure of the vagina?

That's right, to be an "expert" at slurping cockles, you need to clearly understand the structure of the vagina, because it has more than one part!

First, you need to know that the clitoris and the vagina are two different things!

  • The clitoris is the external genital part, including: labia majora, labia minora, pubic mound, urethra (urinary opening), clitoris (pussy),.
  • Meanwhile, the vagina is the endogenital part of the anatomy, connecting the clitoris to the cervix.
Đầu tiên, bạn cần biết rằng âm vật và âm đạo là hai thứ khác nhau!  Âm vật là phần ngoại sinh dục, bao gồm: Môi lớn, môi nhỏ, gò mu, niệu đạo (lỗ tiểu), âm vật (hột le),... Trong khi đó, âm đạo là phần nội sinh dục của giải phẫu, nối âm vật với cổ tử cung.
  1. Oral sex also counts as sex!

Of course, there is no chance of you getting her pregnant with Oral Sex alone, but sexually transmitted diseases are possible. STIs can be transmitted from the mouth to the clitoris, or from the clitoris to the mouth. That means, if one of you has the disease, you both have it.

Therefore, you may want to discuss your sexual health with her. If she has an STI, or is unaware of her current status, you can minimize the risk by:

  • Using condoms for men 
  • Condoms for women (a plastic bag placed in the vagina/ anus)
  • Dental dam (acts as a barrier between the mouth and vagina)


  1. Talk to your partner

The truth is that not all women like oral sex or they've never tried it so they don't know. Instead of rushing to eat seafood, ask her opinion first!

“You look so sexy/delicious/attractive, I'm going to die”

“I want to kiss your little kitty cat”

Read more about dirty talk here to make it smoother and increase the chances of her nodding.


Sự thật là không phải phụ nữ nào cũng thích được oral sex (húp sò) hoặc cổ chưa bao giờ thử nên không biết. Thay vì lao vào ăn hải sản, hãy hỏi ý kiến của cô ấy trước nhé!
  1. Warm-up start

Professional Olympic athletes need to warm up, so do you. Don't rush into the main course but instead:

  • Start with kisses on the neck. Then move down to the abdomen, inner thighs and around the clitoris area.
  • Use your tongue around their breasts and nipples.
  • You can try dirty talk, role playing,. do whatever makes them feel excited.

In addition, starting to play with her also helps the vagina have time to secrete naturally. Because you've just showered thoroughly and already oral, it will cause the vagina to have a bland, bland taste. Warm up will help air circulate and the vagina secrete fluid to lubricate the labia majora and labia minora. This is the original and most wonderful taste of the vagina.


  1. Let's go down together

Move down her body slowly. To increase stimulation to the entire body, punctuate with kisses from the neck to the pelvis. Make her crazy even if you haven't reached the "holy ground".

Don't forget to make eye contact with her. Before actually getting into the main course, kiss her gently on her inner thigh. Raising her crazy feeling to the peak, making her beg for the next step.


Di chuyển xuống cơ thể của nàng một cách chậm rãi. Để tăng sự kích thích đến toàn bộ cơ thể, hãy đánh dấu bằng những nụ hôn từ cổ đến xương chậu. Khiến nàng phát điên ngay cả khi bạn chưa chạm đến “thánh địa”.
  1. Strolling the holy land 

Start with clitoral stimulation. You can tease her a little by asking her to point out the location of her clitoris.

Note: The clitoris is a very sensitive place and has more nerve endings than the penis. Many women can climax just by stimulating the clitoris without penetrative sex.

The easiest move to play with this magic bean is to rub the disc (like DJs, use your fingers to rub the clitoris). You can then continue with your mouth and tongue. Suggest using the flat surface of the tongue to widely stimulate the clitoris and vaginal lips instead of just using the tip of the tongue.


  1. Stir

Although the outer part of the clitoris is the most sensitive part, most of this organ is actually hidden inside the vaginal lips and around the vagina. Stimulating other parts of the clitoris can help her feel more satisfied and have an easier time reaching orgasm.

So, don't just focus on the clitoris and forget about other parts of her body. Putting the tip of the tongue further into the vagina can make her strongly stimulated. Because unlike a penis, the tongue can freely move up and down the vaginal walls, easily reaching her G-spot and turning on the "orgasm" switch.

Vung Vinh suggests you: Lick up, down and around. Focus on and adjust tongue pressure. Start gently and gradually increase the pressure and speed if you see her enjoying it.


Vì vậy, đừng chỉ mải mê dạo chơi ở vùng âm vật mà quên mất các phần khác của cô nàng. Đưa đầu lưỡi tiến xa hơn về âm đạo có thể khiến nàng được kích thích mạnh mẽ. Vì không giống như dương vật, lưỡi có thể tự do di chuyển lên xuống các thành âm đạo, dễ dàng chạm điểm G của nàng và bật công tắc “cực khoái”.
  1.  Praise, praise, praise... what's important must be repeated 3 times

Don't forget to compliment your girl. The owner of a beautiful vagina needs to relax in order to experience pleasure and, more specifically, orgasm. If she is feeling stressed, guilty, embarrassed, etc. it will be very difficult to enjoy.

Rung Rung suggests that you should not hesitate to compliment her to help her feel more confident, comfortable and secure.

“I like yours the most”

  1. Use your powerful arm

If your hands and mouth are too busy, let the Sex Toy be your effective assistant (remember to ask her opinion first)

Vibrator suggests you can use some kind of small toy like a bullet, vibrator or clitoral vibrator on her clitoris while stimulating them with your fingers or focusing on parts other of the clitoris.

Conversely, you can use a dildo or vibrator along with clitoral sucking or licking. Remember to use lubricating gel!


Rung Rung gợi ý bạn có thể sử dụng một số loại đồ chơi nhỏ như bullet, máy rung hoặc máy rung âm vật trên âm vật của nàng trong khi dùng ngón tay kích thích họ hoặc tập trung vào các phần khác của âm vật.


  1.  Our hands can do anything

While your tongue and sex toy do their job, you can take advantage of your hands and fingers to go even further. Gently slide your fingers down her thighs, grasp her hips, or reach up to her breasts and massage gently. There are a lot of options for you.

Also, use your fingers thoroughly (if she agrees, and remember to trim your nails!) Gently insert a finger into her vagina and wait for a reaction to see if Is it ok (or just ask quickly!). Move it in and out slowly to start, curling your fingers up toward her belly to reach her G-spot. Massage gently, and if she likes, you can increase the tempo more vigorously.

During this process, remember to never neglect the clitoris.

  1. Try different positions

Change many positions and angles to find her "magic switch - G-spot". Vibration Vibration suggests poses:

  • Sit completely on your face: In this position, you can freely and comfortably adjust and freely explore your vagina without worrying about neck pain.
  • Section 69
  • Put a pillow under her hips to adjust the appropriate angle
  • Use a love seat




So you have the most basic skills and knowledge in the journey to explore and conquer the holy land. Many times, skills are not as important as how you listen and pay attention to your girl. Because each woman's body is unique, listening and adapting to her reactions is not only a sign of respect but also the key to opening the door to pleasure.



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