Sự Thật: Bạn Biết Bao Nhiêu Về Thủ Dâm?

<tc>The Truth: How Much Do You Know About Masturbation?</tc>

Masturbation, also known as self-pleasure, is an act of self-stimulation of genital organs to satisfy one's own needs and desires. Although people's view of masturbating is no longer as negative and strict as before, most people will try to avoid talking about this sensitive issue.

Masturbation allows us to explore our desires and find our sexual preferences. Masturbation doesn't just stop at hands, but you can also use sex toys.


Thủ dâm, hay còn được gọi là thudam, quay tay, sóc lọ, tự sướng,... Là một hành động tự kích thích bộ phận sinh sục để thoả mãn những nhu cầu và ham muốn của bản thân. Tuy hiện nay cái nhìn của mọi người về thudam đã không còn tiêu cực và khắt khe như trước nhưng hầu hết mọi người sẽ cố gắng trách nói về vấn đề nhạy cảm này.

Masturbation in men: The most common is the act of using hands to stimulate the genitals by stroking, touching, etc.

Masturbation in women: A little more diverse than men as women can choose to self-stimulate the vagina, clitoris, anus and other sensitive areas. In addition to stimulation inside the vagina (using hands or sex toys), there is also clitoral stimulation.

Masturbation is also a human physiological need that needs to be satisfied. Although not exactly the same as having sex, masturbation still brings many benefits to you not only in sexual health but also in understanding your body better, reducing stress, helping you be more confident in bed, etc.


Common misunderstandings - justifying masturbation

Myth 1: Only those who don't have a partner masturbate

On the contrary! Masturbation is actually extremely useful in relationships for the following reasons:

  • The savior when sexual needs are out of phase, or one day one person wants it but the other is too tired
  • Not enough energy for long-term love, just need quick satisfaction and rest
  • Understanding what you want will help your partner satisfy you better
  • Long distance love 🙂


Myth 2: Masturbation can cause you to have sexual disorders/erectile dysfunction

On the contrary, masturbation brings many physiological benefits such as: helping the body relieve stress, sleep well, etc. Masturbation only causes you to have sexual dysfunction/erectile dysfunction when you do it too much


Myth 3: Masturbation makes you physically weak

There is no scientific evidence that masturbation can affect fertility. In fact,

masturbation can sometimes improve sperm quality by stimulating regular ejaculation.

 Đây là một cách tuyệt vời để khám phá bản thân, khám phá cơ thể vì vốn dĩ không ai có thể hiểu cơ thể của bạn hơn chính bạn. Và không gì hấp dẫn hơn một partner biết họ muốn gì và thích gì phải không nào? Thru dama giúp giải phóng Endorphin, hormone mang lại cảm giác thoải mái, thư giãn, giảm căng thẳng và hạnh phúc Thủ dâm giúp cải thiện tuần hoàn máu đến khu vực sinh dục, nâng cao chức năng tình dục và sinh sản.


Benefits and harms of masturbation

There is a lot of misinformation and confusion surrounding the topic of masturbation. This is a sensitive issue that can easily cause shame and guilt for both genders, but it is still mostly female. So what are the benefits of masturbation that very few people want to talk about?

  • This is a great way to discover yourself and your body because no one can understand your body better than you. And there's nothing more attractive than a partner who knows what they want and like, right?
  • Masturbation helps release Endorphins, hormones that bring feelings of comfort, relaxation, stress reduction and happiness
  • Masturbation helps improve blood circulation to the genital area, improving sexual and reproductive function.

However, too much of anything is not good,

excessive masturbation can bring the following harmful effects:

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Loss of sensation with real sex
  • Injury to the genitals due to a lot of friction


Masturbation techniques from A-Z for men

Masturbation also requires techniques to reach the desired level of satisfaction. Here are some tips you can refer to and apply:

1. Create a suitable space

Masturbation is not a shameful thing and should be done "quickly" so that no one will notice. On the contrary, create a suitable space and listen to emotions by:

  • Turn off the lights
  • Put on your favorite adult video
  • Slowly perform foreplay with your body
  • Relax and get ready to masturbate.


Đây là một cách tuyệt vời để khám phá bản thân, khám phá cơ thể vì vốn dĩ không ai có thể hiểu cơ thể của bạn hơn chính bạn. Và không gì hấp dẫn hơn một partner biết họ muốn gì và thích gì phải không nào? Thru dama giúp giải phóng Endorphin, hormone mang lại cảm giác thoải mái, thư giãn, giảm căng thẳng và hạnh phúc Thủ dâm giúp cải thiện tuần hoàn máu đến khu vực sinh dục, nâng cao chức năng tình dục và sinh sản.


2. Switch up the position

Different postures and positions will bring different feelings, keep innovating by trying many positions. For example:

  • If you often masturbate standing, now try leaning against the kitchen counter or wall, pushing your hips forward
  • If you often lie down, try sitting up and leaning against the headboard
  • Sitting in a chair is also a popular position

Changing hands is also a way to increase the experience. Try the squirrel with your non-dominant hand, the "weird" feeling is also a new change.


3. Don't ignore other sensitive spots

Our close friends, the testicles and anus, are characters that are often overlooked when it comes to masturbation. The testicles have nearly the same number of nerves as their "little brother". To impact this point, you can use your index finger and thumb to form a circle and use this circle to impact the area connecting the testicles and penis.

Kỹ thuật thủ dâm từ A-Z dành cho nam giới

There is also the Prostate, known as the “male G-spot”, the golden key that leads you to an orgasmic experience. You can start by slowly inserting a finger to gently rub the outside and inside of the anus, then move your finger to the prostate. Accelerate and maneuver harder to "reach the finish line".


4. Using adult toys

Men also have a lot of options when it comes to sex toys like women. If used correctly and enough, the toy will be a very powerful right hand to have more new stimulation:

  • Pocket vagina: Also known as masturbation cup, there are many choices from self-operating (masturbation cup) to automatic (sucking machine) automatic, with heat, with sound)
  • Cock ring
5. Test different methods
  • Stop - Start method: This method is simple: you need to stimulate your "little guy" to the point of orgasm, when you are close to ejaculating, then stop for about 30 seconds. Repeat 4-5 times before actually exporting.
  • Stop-squeeze method: Like Stop-Start, stimulate until you are close to ejaculation, then use your thumb and index finger to squeeze the head and middle of the penis for about 30 seconds. Also repeat about 4-5 times

Note: The above two methods will be useful for those who want to masturbate for the longest time, helping to prolong masturbation time and when reaching orgasm, it will be extremely explosive.


Masturbation techniques from A-Z for women

That's right, there are up to 5 types of masturbation for women!

Masturbation style



Most women will use their fingertips to stimulate the clitoris, but sex toys designed specifically for this part can also do a great job of bringing pleasure. When you reach orgasm, you will feel a stinging, tickling sensation on your skin and in your brain.


You can use your fingers or a sex toy to penetrate the vagina while masturbating. When penetrating, your eyes will form an A and your mouth will form an O.


You can use your fingers or a sex toy for anal penetration (sex toys are generally better for deep penetration). Before you reach orgasm, you may feel very "nauseous" because your muscles continuously contract.


Depends on personal preference. You can use both hands to play with the vagina and clitoris or combine them with a sex toy.

Other regions

You can rub, squeeze, pull, squeeze or gently tug on your nipples, inner thighs, ears, neck and other areas of your body while masturbating. These often overlooked areas are no less sensitive than the three main characters above.

Hầu hết chị em sẽ sử dụng đầu ngón tay của mình để kích thích âm vật, nhưng các loại sex toy được thiết kế riêng biệt cho phần này cũng có thể đảm nhiệm rất tốt việc mang lại khoái cảm. Khi đạt cực khoái, bạn sẽ cảm nhận một cảm giác nhức nhối, nhột nhột trên da và trong não.


Non-penetrative masturbation:

  • Scrubbing pillows, pillows, blankets, etc. whatever you find soft and comfortable enough
  • Faucet 🙂
  • Sofa
  • Your lover's thigh


Masturbation with the clitoris (folk name: C-spot)

  • Massage and play a little on the pubic area, running your fingers down the labia majora and labia minora of the vulva. Then you start stroking the clitoris, you can stroke it with your fingertips, rub, squeeze or create a V shape with your index and middle fingers to slide up and down around the clitoris. Gradually increase the pressure until you reach the peak
  • Note: Remember to use gel
  • Sex toys specifically designed for for the Clitoris can also be a great assistant for you.


Vaginal masturbation (penetration)

Vaginal masturbation is divided into two schools: hands and anything you like?!

For your hands, you need to trim your nails and wash your hands thoroughly. Massage the vaginal opening and then slowly move inside. Move your fingers in and out, read more this article to find the G-spot.

Thủ dâm là một cách thú vị và an toàn để bạn khám phá cơ thể, hiểu được ham muốn và điều khiến bạn thích thú. Thủ dâm giúp cơ thể giải phóng hormone endorphin khiến tâm trạng thoải mái, giảm căng thẳng và trầm cảm, tăng khả năng tập trung hơn trong công việc và giúp tâm trí thư giãn hơn. Đó là lý do tại sao mọi người thường cảm thấy tâm trạng tốt hơn sau thủ dâm, kể cả khi không đạt cực khoái.


In addition, you also have countless types of assistants for the vagina: from sex toys that stimulate the G-spot to fruits such as bananas, cucumbers, etc. to anything you can imagine (But Rung Rung is not recommended, if you use it, please bring the condom to your assistant)



Masturbation is a fun and safe way to explore your body, understand your desires and what turns you on. Masturbation helps the body release endorphin hormones that make you feel comfortable, reduce stress and depression, increase your ability to concentrate at work and help your mind relax more. That's why people often feel better after masturbation, even without orgasm.

Masturbation is a form of self-satisfaction for each individual's sexual pleasure needs. There is no right or wrong way to masturbate, there is only the right way for you. So please take enough time to explore your body!

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