Sự Thật: Quan Hệ Nhiều Có Khiến Cô Bé Bị Giãn Rộng, Không Còn Khít?

<tc>The Truth: Does Having Lots Of Sex Result In A Loose Vagina?</tc>

Women sometimes worry and complain that their vagina is "too tight" or "too loose". Girls also often wonder and worry about whether having sex regularly will make their vagina wider? And can the vagina return to its old condition? There are also the following misconceptions:

  • The virgin vagina is in its tightest form. Losing your virginity will make you looser, unable to return to the way it was
  • The frequency of sex affects your tightness
  • Birth causes the vagina to widen

However, the above is not entirely true. Let's join Rung Rung in understanding more about this very intimate part of your body!


Chị em phụ nữ thường lo lắng và phàn nàn rằng âm đạo của mình “quá khít

Injustice for "wide vagina"

The vagina is essentially an elastic muscle bundle. Journalist Michael Castleman once wrote in Psychology Today: When you pull the corner of your mouth to one side and then let it go, the mouth will also restore its original state thanks to the structure of elastic tissue. No matter how many times you repeat that movement, the result will be the same. The same goes for the vagina. The private area after sex will not become "loose" because of too much sexual activity.


Bản chất âm đạo là một bó cơ có tính đàn hồi. Nhà báo Michael Castleman từng viết trên tờ báo Psychology Today: Khi bạn kéo khóe miệng về một phía rồi buông ra, miệng cũng sẽ khôi phục lại trạng thái ban đầu nhờ kết cấu từ các mô đàn hồi. Dù bạn lặp lại động tác đó bao nhiêu lần đi nữa thì kết quả cũng sẽ như thế. Âm đạo cũng vậy. Vùng kín sau khi quan hệ sẽ không trở nên “lỏng lẻo” vì hoạt động tình dục quá nhiều.

In fact, having sex can help the vagina maintain its optimal shape. Having regular and regular sex is like giving vaginal tissue exercise, which can contribute to keeping vaginal tissue healthier. So you can schedule "exercise" for your vaginal tissue more regularly to ensure her health is always guaranteed.

Therefore, the concept of having sex with a regular frequency, with many people, with a large penis. Making the vagina wide is a mistake

However, when a woman fulfills her natural duties and goes through the process of giving birth, the vagina, muscle fibers, elastic fibers, and vaginal mucosa are damaged and dilated, leading to the vagina becoming less firm and can not longer be restored to its original state before giving birth. Or due to the natural progression of the aging process, the elastic fibers in a woman's vagina as she gets older become fewer and weaker, which can also lead to vaginal dilatation state.


Tuy nhiên, người phụ nữ khi làm tròn thiên chức và trải qua quá trình sanh đẻ khiến âm đạo, các sợi cơ, sợi đàn hồi, niêm mạc âm đạo bị tổn thương, giãn rộng dẫn đến âm đạo không còn săn chắc và có thể phục hồi trở về kích thước ban đầu như trước khi sanh. Hoặc do diễn tiến tự nhiên của quá trình lão hóa, các sợi đàn hồi trong âm đạo của người phụ nữ khi lớn tuổi ngày trở nên ít hơn, yếu dần đi cũng có thể dẫn đến tình trạng giãn âm đạo.


Is a tight vagina that much better?

Not really, a "too tight" vagina is a worrying sign, especially when she stays closed like that during penetrative sex.

It's no wonder that Rung Rung and the press all talk about the importance of foreplay. Correct and enough foreplay stimulates sexual desire and especially helps women secrete vaginal lubrication. It also causes the vaginal muscles to relax. Makes sex more enjoyable and more enjoyable. On the contrary, if a woman does not receive enough stimulation from foreplay, it will lead to tight vaginal muscles, making intercourse painful. When a woman is mentally stressed, her vagina becomes tighter and the penis cannot enter.


Không hẳn đâu nha, âm đạo “quá khít

Are you mistaking "easier, smoother" insertion for a "dilated" kitty?

This is an easy psychological phenomenon. During the first few times of having sex, the vagina was still tight, but after a few times, the penis might felt the vagina becoming "wider". That may be because the woman is used to having sex and her vaginal muscles are more elastic. In addition, after many intercourse, the two of you understand each other better so you feel more comfortable and your vaginal fluids are also fully secreted. Makes penetration easy.

In addition, when we have sex for the first time, it is the psychological novelty that makes us pay more attention to the feelings below. That makes us feel that every touch and contact is stimulating, giving us a "tight" feeling. When having sex a lot, the psychological novelty is gone and touch no longer causes strong stimulation, leading to reduced sensation and you may feel "expansive".

Maybe the problem is not with women…

Let's say it again and again, sometimes the "loose" feeling is not because of your vagina but because the penis size is modest. This explains why many women sometimes pay more attention to girth than length, because it must be recognized that a big "little guy" gives a tighter, more filling feeling.


Nói đi cũng phải nói lại, đôi khi cảm giác “lỏng lẻo

Some sexual positions bring more tightness

+ Tighter Doggy Style: If in the traditional Doggy position the male's legs are inside, Tighter Doggy requires the female to close her legs tightly, the male to spread her legs wider.

+ Tighter Doggy Style: Nếu như ở thế Doggy truyền thống chân bạn nam ở trong thì Tighter Doggy yêu cầu bạn nữ khép chặt chân lại, bạn nam dang rộng chân hơn.

Source: Bustle


+ Legs up: The woman lies on her back with her legs elevated. Why, when the male enters, he raises the female's hips, placing the female's legs behind his shoulders.

+ Legs up: Bạn nữ nằm ngửa, để chân cao. Sao khi bạn nam tiến vào thì nâng cao hông bạn nữ lên, để chân bạn nữ ra sau hai vai mình.

Source: Bustle

+ The male is in a standing position, supporting the female partner's legs and then penetrating into "paradise".


+ X Marks The Spot: Bạn nữ chọn vị trí cao gần bằng đầu gối bạn nam rồi nằm ngửa, duỗi hai chân thẳng lên không trung và vắt chéo hình chữ X. Bạn nam trong tư thế đứng, đỡ hai chân bạn nữ rồi thâm nhập vào “thiên đường”.

Source: Bustle


How to overcome "feeling wide"

Kegel exercises

Yoga and Kegel exercises can help improve vaginal health. Kegels are an effective method to improve the strength and flexibility of the muscles inside the vagina, helping to keep the vagina tighter.


Steps to perform Kegel exercises:

  • Identify your Kegel muscles: When urinating, try stopping midstream. The muscles you use to hold your urine are the Kegel muscles.
  • After you have identified your Kegel muscles, you can perform exercises by compressing these muscles (like when you hold your urine) for about 5-10 seconds. Rest 5-10 seconds. Then repeat 10-15 per set.
  • Once you feel comfortable with the basic exercise, you can increase the difficulty by lengthening the compression and holding it longer.
  • Although this method takes time and patience, it has no side effects and achieves long-lasting results.



Thu nhỏ âm đạo bằng phương pháp phẫu thuật hiện nay đã được nhiều chị em biết tới bởi hiệu quả mang lại nhanh. Tuy nhiên, cần sự chỉ định của bác sĩ và chi phí đòi hỏi lại cao nên không phải ai cũng có thể thực hiện được.


Vaginal reduction by surgery is now known to many women because of its fast results. However, it requires a doctor's prescription and the cost is high, so not everyone can do it.


Limit and slow down the body's aging process

Through exercise, especially yoga, pilates combined with a healthy, nutritious diet, especially anti-aging ingredients, lots of fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals. Quit habits that are harmful to your health.


Use vaginal tightening pills

Not at all! Be careful with all these tightening pills, and even unreliable spas that offer this type of tightening.

The vagina is a mucosal and semi-mucosal skin area, so the risk of irritation and allergy is high. When used on the surface of the skin or mucous membranes, drugs of unknown composition may cause burns, itching, dryness or vice versa, increased secretions and other unknown side effects. Some people, when placing the medicine inside or applying gel outside the vagina, will feel that the vagina is tighter. However, that was just the "fooling" feeling of the drug at that time. In the long run, overuse of these chemicals will cause her to become dry, allergic and infected.



The answer to girls' worries about the problem of "having too much sex makes me loose" is to rest assured, it's okay! The frequency of love making does NOT affect the tightness or looseness your vagina.




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