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<tc>Luster Game Card Set for Couples</tc>

<tc>Luster Game Card Set for Couples</tc>

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😈 Made in Vietnam 

😈 57 round leaves with design concept Music disc - Unique music box



"Lung Ler" (Luster) is a drunken yet poetic love song for couples who are in the early stages of getting to know and flirt with each other.

A deck of cards with a variety of themes was created to guide couples who sit down to drink and want to confide deeply to understand more about each other's personalities, lives, ways of love,... open up the story. In addition, there are skinship commands to change the relationship from the "fluff" stage to "something"; both charming and emotional.

For: Couples who are getting to know each other, just dating, early in love; Couples want to get drunk together, increase affection, increase friction, increase understanding of each other.


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