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<tc>Sexy Crush Jenga Wooden Set for Couples</tc>

<tc>Sexy Crush Jenga Wooden Set for Couples</tc>

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😈 Made in Vietnam 


Crush Jenga is an extremely fiery, extremely passionate, extremely thrilling, extremely exciting board game couple... appearing for the first time! 

This is a 1-0-2 board game set with the "buy 1 get 3" function - buy 1 wooden draw set that covers all types of couple board games:

❣ Wooden stick with printed outfit: if you win, you will have to take off that exact item. Whoever runs out of items faster loses

❣ The wooden stick has an order printed on it: do or answer according to the order on it or suffer a common penalty (punishment for both contracts from the beginning).

❣ The person who knocks down the wooden building is the ultimate loser. At that time, the winner can ask the loser to do anything they want.



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