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Real Fit Condoms Box of 12

Real Fit Condoms Box of 12

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Product information: 

- Raw materials: Natural rubber

- Expiry date: 2 years

- Specification: Box of 12 pieces

- Dimensions: 50 (+/-2)mm x 180 mm

Tam Thien Real Fit condoms are manufactured using German technology that meets ISO 13485 production lines, packaged in Vietnam. This is a genuine condom line licensed for circulation by the Ministry of Health, helping consumers easily choose and avoid fake/imitation/poor quality products.


Instructions for using condoms properly:

  • Step 1: Check the integrity of the condom shell, make sure it is still within its expiration date, the condom is still bulging, and has no punctures, deflation or traces of vandalism.

  • Step 2: Tear off the shell. Be sure to put the condom in one corner and tear according to the markings on the condom package. Operate carefully to avoid tearing horizontally, which may tear the condom.

  • Step 3: Proceed to wear condoms. Be sure to only wear the condom when the penis is erect to avoid slipping. Squeeze out the air at the tip of the condom, place the condom on the tip of the penis, the rolled side facing out.

  • Step 4: Swipe the condom until it comes out completely or close to the base of the penis, making sure to cover the entire penis.

  • Step 5: After ejaculation, gently hold the tip of the condom at the base with one hand and pull it out while still erect. You should not wait until the erection is completely gone before withdrawing from the vagina because it will loosen the condom and the semen will have more chances to reflux.

  • Step 6: Remove the condom from the penis. You can use tissues, similar items or gloves when removing condoms to avoid contact with vaginal fluids on the outside of the condom.

  • Step 7: Tie the mouth of the bag and put it in the trash.

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