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<tc>Flashcard "Heart Chat" for Couples</tc>

<tc>Flashcard "Heart Chat" for Couples</tc>

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 🌺 Made in Vietnam 

 🌺 Set of 100 cards

 🌺 Author: Ada Le - Health Coach & Master Sexpert, Founder of LalaDAY

🌺  Co-author: Yen Nhung - Love Coach, Runs the Great Life Partner Club - Community to build happy & lasting marriages



Do you know that the highest meaning of marriage is:

1. Help each other achieve their dreams

2. Creating meaning in life together

But most marriages in Vietnam just stop and revolve around resolving conflicts when the two come to live together. Few people know that before resolving conflicts, both must build a solid foundation for their home.

That foundation is MIND CONVERSATION to understand the other person's INTERNAL MAP.

A common mistake couples make is thinking that they know each other too well because they have lived together for a long time. But the truth is that the more couples live together, the less deeply they talk to each other.

The next mistake is that they stop getting to know each other after getting married. This is a mistake that leads to a lot of conflicts and indifference in marriage. Every day we change our interests and opinions, so our partners also change. So we must constantly learn about each other.

Therefore, the "Intimate Chat" card set was born to help couples have the tools to maintain meaningful and intimate conversations.

The content of the card set is based on The Gottman Institute's marriage method, with 40 years of research and experimentation on thousands of couples, predicting up to 94% of results. of a marriage.

Questions surrounding 8 main topics have been researched to help couples increase their bond with each other just by completing those topics together.

The card set is a heart-to-heart conversation tool set to help understand each other, helping both of you draw a map of love to each other's hearts ❤️



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