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<tc>SONA™ Clit Sucker</tc>

<tc>SONA™ Clit Sucker</tc>

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Product Information:

- Material:

ABS Plastic / Silicone

- Usage time after full charge: Up to 2 hours

- Weight: 125g

- Dimensions: 111mm x 55mm x 50mm


SONA™ is a groundbreaking clitoris stimulator that uses sonic waves and pulses to stimulate 75% more of your clitoris for a mindblowing sensation, one orgasm at a time. SONA™ is not your conventional sex toy; it is a revolutionary pleasure device that never directly touches your clitoris yet washes you with a sweeping climax every time.



Discover the power of this petite yet diligent sex toy. It’s perfect for edge-play and exploration of orgasm intensity.


SONA™ features eight different and intensely pleasurable settings so that you can find the perfect sensation for you.



SONA™ is 100% waterproof and super easy to clean. It’s made from a single piece of silicone that keeps it watertight. Perfect for the bath, shower, or hot tub.

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*Note: Don't forget to clean the product with mild soap and wash the toy before and after use!

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