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Sugar Flirt

App-Controlled Panties Vibrator

App-Controlled Panties Vibrator

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Product Information:

- Material: Medical grade silicone environmentally friendly ABS/FDA Grade Silicone

- Waterproof level: IP 7

- Usage time after full charge: Up to 2 hours

- Size: 8.89x4.3cm


This cute vibrator has 9 sucking patterns and 9 different vibration patterns. The vibrator surrounds your clitoris and targets the C-point for intense stimulation, along with multiple modes of vibration and sucking that will give you amazing sensations and make your orgasm easier. !

Another feature of this vibrator is its design, you can slip it into your underwear and carry it invisibly without slipping, giving you multiple orgasms at any time. anywhere. The people around you won't hear the silent vibration, so you can enjoy this vibrator as a secret adventure at a restaurant, shopping street or any other public place.

*Note: Don't forget to clean the product with mild soap and wash the toys before and after use!

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