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ALINA . Electric Pulse Vibrator

ALINA . Electric Pulse Vibrator

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Product Information:

- Material: ABS Silicone 

- Waterproof level: IP6

- Usage time after full charge: Up to 2 hours

- Dimensions:


- Weight: 70g


Svakom's ALINA Electric Pulse Vibrator is one of the most advanced and beats all the competition in today's adult toy market.

Whether it's a perfect 30° angle or an electrostatically thin vibrator. They integrate micro pulse function along with great function for couples who love to play S&M to bring great orgasms. 5 diverse vibration capacity ranges with 5 diverse vibrating ranges and not only that, 5 shock intensity ranges are what make the SVAKOM ALINA Electric Vibrator stand out.

A sexy S&M instrument, this vibrator features micro-electric pulses (painless) that give you insane orgasms. Whether it's the G-spot or the skin, you can enjoy the exhilarating "electric shock" stimulation. That sounds exciting, doesn't it?


*Note: Don't forget to clean the product with mild soap and wash the toy before and after use!

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