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<tc>Premium Y-Zone Perfume Peach & Tuber Rose Scent</tc>

<tc>Premium Y-Zone Perfume Peach & Tuber Rose Scent</tc>

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Product Information:

- Ingredient: Jojoba, Grape Oil, Vitamin E, Piper betle, Goldthread, Ramulus, Natural fragrance combined with Peach and Hue scent

- Volume: 10ml

- 100% Natural Ingredients


Y-zone perfume with a list of benign ingredients from nature, effective deodorant and antibacterial support.

Yzone Perfume Peach & Tuber Rose Lily scent combined with peach scent, deodorant on red light days, fresh and pure



- Brings a pleasant feeling, deodorizes when used, does not cause irritation to the wonder area.

- Long-lasting scent, has the ability to deodorize immediately and can last up to 12 hours.

- Convenient and aesthetic design.

- Safe, suitable for sensitive skin.



- Put 1-2 drops on underwear morning and evening.


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