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Set of 3x Masturbation Cups HEDY X

Set of 3x Masturbation Cups HEDY X

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Product Information (1 cup):

- Material: Super soft silicone TPE

- Dimensions: 56x56x99.25mm

- Weight: Size 122g


Combo a set of 3 masturbation eggs HEDY X includes the following 3 structures:

Speed ​​- Inspired by the movement of waves, this curved design will captivate you again and again.

Reaction - A path of addictive orbs awaits within, ready for those who deserve it.

Experience - A set of spirals and stripes that blend inside to play to the rhythm of your joy.


Hedy X's interior and exterior usable design allows you to double your experience just by flipping the cup inside out. Made of medical-grade TPE silicone, each cup's contours are body-safe and ultra-soft.

We recommend using Hedy 5 to 10 times. After each use, please wash it thoroughly and store it in the package for next use. Apply enough lubricant to ensure you get the best experience!


*Note: Each cup comes with a lube pack. Should not be used more than 10 times.

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