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<tc>U-Shaped Vibrating Egg App Concected + Kegel Funciton Pro 2 - Premium Version</tc>

<tc>U-Shaped Vibrating Egg App Concected + Kegel Funciton Pro 2 - Premium Version</tc>

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Product Information:

- Material:

RoHS silicone (Liquid Silicone certified by CE & EOHS)

- Waterproof level: IP 7

- Usage time after full charge: Up to 2 hours

- Size: 

92x33. 5mm


Pro 2's egg is the most advanced sex toy of the Monster Pub family to date! A new and improved spin on the award-winning U-shaped vibrator design, this wearable vibrator is designed to fit perfectly to your body for a completely hands-free experience.

Combining dual motors at both ends of the machine with powerful vibrations, this is the most enjoyable experience for our customers. Plus, with a host of innovative and high-tech features, including Love Beats, Smart Heating and Motion Control, as well as beautiful packaging to match, the Pro 2 is ready to be your best friend. Your new best in the bedroom.



For those who want a little more, we also offer a Premium Edition of Monster Pub Pro 2 Premiere Version! This more premium version comes with access to Monster Pub's popular Kegel Trainer in the Monster Pub Smartphone App. Here you will be able to complete exercises that aim to help you strengthen your pelvic muscles thus allowing you to feel more confident along with improved bladder control, labor recovery and many more benefits. other health benefits.

Kegel trainer is designed according to the principles of kegel exercise, kegel exercises strengthen your pelvic muscles and can help you feel confident, improve bladder control and urinary incontinence owner. It is also helpful in speeding up labor recovery.



With adjustable brightness, you have the right balance between romance and privacy









Unique Stereo Wave ™️ with 15 speed. The machine's 000 rpm gives you an unparalleled refreshing feeling



Connect your Pro 2 to the Monster Pub Smartphone App for an even better experience! Use it on its own as a remote to access a multitude of toy options or give it to your lover to spice things up for date night. For those who are in a long distance relationship, we also think of you, for connecting with a partner, even if they are 500 or 5 miles away. 000 miles, as easy as the click of a button. Let them take control of your Monster Pub Pro 2 and take you to the top with the power of the internet.

Plus, with the ability to share and download custom vibrations from thousands of users worldwide and interact through our messaging platform, you'll never have to feel lonely only when you reach orgasm again.

This particular U-shaped vibrator is available in three styles representing different Monster Pub's characters. Master Gokilla, Doctor Whale and Mister Devil, each design offers a new experience.

If you're looking for textured G-spot stimulation, the Master Gokilla can do it, with ribbed spikes that create a perfect bumpy ride. Or perhaps you prefer clitoral pleasure, in which case Doctor Whale is an expert at using his wide tail to create vibrations wide to his most sensitive spot. Friend. And let's not forget the Mister Devil, whose horns are specially designed to create an A-Spot feel so good it's almost sinful.



*Note: Don't forget to clean the product with mild soap and wash the toys before and after use!

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