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Masturbation Eggs For Men (Stronger Version)

Masturbation Eggs For Men (Stronger Version)

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Product Information:

- Material: Soft silicone absolutely safe for human skin

- Size: Size 6.8x5cm


For those looking for a more intense sensation, TENGA also has a hard-boiled egg version with more supple silicone that provides more intense stimulation along with a hard-boiled egg. with being packaged with a stiffer gel version than other packages.

All of this combined means that this potent version of TENGA eggs is perfect for those looking for a firmer feel with their eggs.

Don't be afraid to inbox shop Vibration for advice on the most suitable egg design for you.


*Note: Each egg comes with a handy bit of lube. TENGA Masturbation Eggs CAN ONLY BE USED ONE TIME!

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