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<tc>Free 1:1 Consultation with Sex Coach Selena Luong - 20 Minutes</tc>

<tc>Free 1:1 Consultation with Sex Coach Selena Luong - 20 Minutes</tc>

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✔️ Founder of Letstalksexuality and Team Maybe We Should Talk About Sex

✔️ Studying the Sex, Love & Relationships Coach program at Loveology University (Los Angeles, USA)

✔️ Complete Comprehensive Sex & Sexuality Education Specialist Training

Selena Luong is a Gen Z born and raised in Saigon. I am a person who did not have enough knowledge about sex education while growing up because my family and school created some funny and sad experiences for me. That's why she founded Fanpage Letstalksexuality, a space to share about sex, sexuality, love and relationships based on her own story with the purpose of educating and inspiring. Inspire and empower women. She also wants to bring Vietnamese youth a different perspective on sex and be open to everything that patriarchal society has taught them.

She encourages more open conversations about sex and pleasure through events (both online & offline) with the biggest goal of Normalizing Sexuality.

🗝 Free 20-minute Intro consultation includes:

Selena will listen to you briefly share about sex & emotions and the related issues that shape your sex life today to consider the issues you want support for. What. Then we can see what it would be like to work together.

Where Selena feels that you would be best supported by another professional, she will reach out to her extended network of colleagues and can recommend someone more suitable to you.

During this time you are encouraged to turn on your camera and find a private space to easily express yourself.

❓ FAQs:

1. In what form does the coaching session take place?

Schedule an online consultation via the platform. All consultation information with Coach will be sent to the Customer's email. The call will be conducted via Google Meet.

2. Can clients be nude or engage in sexual acts during the coaching session?

No, because the coaching session is chat-only and both parties need to be fully clothed.

3. Can I get a refund?

During the Intro call we will discuss very clearly how to work and Coach needs you to commit 100% mentally and financially to the coaching session, so you will not receive a refund.

4.Will my information be kept confidential?

All coaching sessions, including Intro calls, are strictly confidential and Coach fully complies with the highest standards of professional ethics and confidentiality.

5. Who are Selena's customers?

Women and couples. Typically, clients often want to warm up a relationship, learn sexual communication skills or overcome inappropriate sexual desires, etc. Selena understands that talking openly about these issues can help. no matter how difficult it can be, that's why every coaching session takes place in a safe, sex-positive environment.



Note: This content is personalized depending on each person.

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