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Intensive 1:1 Consultation with Sex Coach Ada Le - 90 Minutes

Intensive 1:1 Consultation with Sex Coach Ada Le - 90 Minutes

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✔️ Master Sexpert from Loveology University

✔️ Health Coach (Comprehensive healthy living coach) from the Institute for integrative nutrition (American Academy of Integrative Nutrition)

✔️ Founder of LalaDAY and Joy Club, providing courses on comprehensive sexuality, menstrual health care, uterus care and natural contraception

✔️ Comprehensive Sex & Sexuality Education Specialist

✔️ Teaching and guiding Natural Contraception from 2021


Ada Le worked in the field of Auditing - Finance before choosing a career in sexuality and sexual health. The destiny to the health and sexuality profession is the desire to understand yourself and the desire to take care of your family's health. Because of her lack of knowledge about sex since puberty, Ada made mistakes in viewing her body image and in taking care of her gynecological health.

Ada chooses to spread sexual knowledge with the hope that people can avoid the mistakes that Ada previously made.

The luckiest thing that Ada had before getting married was that she had learned about sex and marriage, so Ada had enough skills to handle conflicts in married life.

Ada's guiding principle in practicing Coaching is Being natural and the methods of guiding customers also follow the principles of listening to the body, nurturing emotions, nurturing the immune system and bacteria system so that your body has the best energy and you are most comfortable being yourself.

The core value that Ada pursues is Honesty and what Ada can commit to you is telling the truth that you need to hear.


🗝 90-minute consultation includes:

- Objective: together find out the cause of customers' problems and suggest solutions for customers

- In this coaching session, Ada will listen to the customer's story and ask questions related to the customer's health, sexuality, emotions and lifestyle to find out the root cause of the problem. topic.

- Explain and guide knowledge about sexual expertise, sexual health, gynecological health, menstruation and contraception, depending on the customer's needs.

- In case the customer's problem is not within Ada's expertise, Ada will refer the customer to someone with more expertise.


    ❓ FAQs:

    1. In what form does the coaching session take place?

    Schedule an online consultation via the platform. All consultation information with Coach will be sent to the Customer's email. The call will be conducted via Google Meet.

    2. Can clients be nude or engage in sexual acts during a coaching session?

    No, because the coaching session is chat-only and both parties need to be fully clothed.

    3.Can I get a refund?

    During the Intro call we will discuss very clearly how to work and Coach needs you to commit 100% mentally and financially to the coaching session, so you will not receive a refund.

    4. Will my information be kept confidential?

    All coaching sessions, including Intro calls, are strictly confidential and Coach fully complies with the highest standards of professional ethics and confidentiality.

    5. Who are Ada Le's customers?

    Ada's courses will be best suited for Women aged 28-35, and Men aged 30-40.



    Note: Depending on each person, this content is personalized.

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