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1:1 Consulting with Sex Coach Bui Thi Minh Ngoc - 60 Minutes

1:1 Consulting with Sex Coach Bui Thi Minh Ngoc - 60 Minutes

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✔️ Certified Sex Coach organized by Sex Coach U lasts 15 months, and is the only Vietnamese representative to study this program throughout their history of more than 10 years of establishment.

✔️ Certified Professional Coach in Transformational Coaching Advance level is recognized by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

✔️ Founder of Intivibe - the first and only place in Vietnam with an international certificate in sexology. Intivibe is an intimate space that offers comprehensive sex and sexuality education courses. This is a place where you can comfortably open your heart, listen to and love your body more, through official information sources, compiled by a team of experts.

✔️ Co-owner of Toan Van -  a place that helps Vietnamese people solve problems in relationships and lead a fulfilled life. Integrity brings comprehensive companionship:

- Knowledge: training and consulting with a strict theoretical foundation and methods that have been proven around the world.

- Community: A healthy, positive, loving and accepting community to accompany you throughout your journey.


If you are human

- Not much experience in sex, confused and stuck not knowing what to do

- Feeling like you need to learn more knowledge and information but don't know what to learn and the available information doesn't match your own experience

- If you have difficulty having sex as a couple, feel disappointed in yourself when you can't do it like others, then register immediately for my companion and guidance service.

Each week you will receive guidance and companionship in the form of videos, readings, and self-practice exercises on different topics.

Within 1-3-6 months, I will help you

- Remove the knots in thoughts and feelings about sex

- Feel more comfortable with your sexuality, be more confident and enjoy it more

- Easily connect intimately with your partner so that you both experience harmonious, satisfying sex.


🗝 60-minute Intro consultation (169,000 VND):

Meet and connect! This first session is aimed at gaining a deeper understanding of your experiences, difficulties, problems, etc. We will understand both short-term and long-term desires and needs and map out a specific roadmap for each individual.

Note: During this time you are encouraged to turn on your camera and find a private space to easily express yourself.

❓ FAQs:

1. In what form does the coaching session take place?

Schedule an online consultation via the platform. All consultation information with Coach will be sent to the Customer's email.The call will be conducted via Google Meet.

2. Can clients be nude or engage in sexual acts during a coaching session?

No, because the coaching session is chat-only and both parties need to be fully clothed.

3. Can I get a refund?

During the Intro call we will discuss very clearly how to work and Coach needs you to commit 100% mentally and financially to the coaching session, so you will not receive a refund.

4. Will my information be kept confidential?

All coaching sessions, including Intro calls, are strictly confidential and Coach fully complies with the highest standards of professional ethics and confidentiality.

5. Who are Minh Ngoc's customers?

All individuals who have difficulty in couple sex, feel disappointed in themselves when they cannot do as well as others, please register now its companionship and guidance services.

6. What topics are covered in the tutorial? (but not limited)

Connect your mind and body with your sexuality / Sexual health / Sex and porn / Connect your mind and body with your sexuality / Sexual health / Sex and porn / How to do it How to satisfy your partner / How to last longer? / Dreaming and realizing / What kind of person do you want to be sexually? / Learning about toys for beginners / What is sexy? / Erotic publications / Communication about sex / Sexual desire in men and women / Yes - Maybe - No exercises / Sex during pregnancy and childbirth.



Note: Depending on each person, this content is personalized.

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